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Franglais - the Socially Distant Way!

Ooo la la! Le retour du club est arrivé!

After much consideration, and discussions with our hosts at Pierre's, a nouveau version of Le Club will be re-launching next month!

The all-new 'Franglais - the Socially Distant Way' starts on 2nd September - gagner la date!

Les Tables: Le nouveau Club will be limited in numbers. Spaced out tables will be available for the group in the whole of the downstairs area of the restaurant - allowing plenty of space to distance from each other! We know people usually like to huddle up together and hug and do that mwa mwa french bisou thingy, but there will be none of that for a little while!

Les Amis: You can sit on tables of two - or more than two if you are already in a 'bubble' or family/friendship group with other people. You can move around from table to table, as long as there aren't more than 6 to a table at any one time, and that you respect the social distancing of the rest of the group!

Le P'tit Dej: 'Franglais the Distant Way' will be at the same time of 10am-11.30am every Wednesday. We will be retaining the same fabulous price of £5 per person, payable as before on arrival. This not only gives you great coffee (or tea if you prefer) and a choice of pastry but also guarantees Le Club exclusive Covid-secure use of the ground floor of the Bistrot. In addition, Le Club will have a dedicated and regular member of the Bistrot team to look after everyone and to ensure the safety and enjoyment of all Club guests in these new strange times!

Le Futur: It may take a few weeks for Le Club to gain momentum again both with new and previous attendees. The Bistrot Team and I are looking forward to welcoming back some of the old crowd as well as meeting new people. Please spread the word as not everyone is on the net or on social media!

Les règles: In line with the Bistrot's guidelines, we cannot currently exceed 28 club guests at this stage at any one session. If it looks like Le Club is going to get popular again, a simple pre-booking system will be introduced! Please note contact details will be required for everyone who attends in accordance with the Bistrot's track and trace system.

For more information about the Bistrot Pierre Covid-secure guidelines click here

Further updates will be posted over the next couple of weeks. As always you can email any enquiries to or send a message through this website or via Le Club's Facebook page.

C'est tout pour le moment and I look forward to hopefully catching up with some of you next month!

A la prochaine x

p.s. No plans for le lundi group as yet I'm afraid, but let's see how things pan out....

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