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Another year....

So, another Franglais year draws to a close.... I sometimes have to remind myself that all this started with a seed of an idea four years ago. In that time I have seen Le Club grow from a small gathering.... into a big community of friendships, fun and laughter. It's about more than speaking French - it's about a support network for many people....

We have Bastilled, Christmassed, quizzed.... we have consumed gallons of coffee (and wine!) Even the four legged friends enjoy their weekly trip to Pierre's!

We have turned up in rain, snow, heatwaves. We have watched the waves crash over the seafront while we stuff our faces with croissants and muffins! What's not to love about Le Club!

I want to take this moment to thank a everyone who has supported Le Club over the years. To everyone who supports the Lottery fund which among other things enables me to keep this website running (web hosting doesn't come free!) the printing of flyers, posters, badges etc and all the other bits and pieces I need to keep Le Club going. Merci.

To the Blue Walnut for hosting our ever popular film nights. Merci

There are too many of you to thank for your support over the year, and if I miss anyone out it is not intentional.


To Christophe for always helping out with the coffee mornings; to Paul for helping out with film nights; to Sue M for her amusing poem about lotteries; to Maggie for her place card skills! and to Nick for hosting our quiz night and other events. And to everyone who has been a friend to me during what has been a difficult year personally. Merci.

And finally, to the wonderful staff at Bistrot Pierre in Torquay who have embraced Le Club and its concept from day one, and look after us week in week out....

Right, that's enough thankyous from me for one night!

Have a wonderful Xmas and New Year everyone and see you soon


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