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La fin de l'annee

So there we are, Le Club has come to the end of another successful year. We have celebrated Christmas this week at our big party on Monday evening and at our Wednesday morning coffee, croissants and... crackers!

It is great to see so many of you enjoying the benefits of Le Club - which incredibly will be three years old next month! Whatever did we all do before Franglais, eh!

I would like to thank everyone who has supported Le Club this year, and, as it continues to grow I am sure many of you appreciate the time and costs involved too. And as most of you know I have a lot of other commitments too!

So on that note, I am taking a break from Le Club over Xmas and New Year. If any of you would like to share news and views or any snippets of humour, please post to the Facebook page.

And I look forward to seeing you all in 2018.

My very best wishes


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