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Vive la Bastille!

Fabulous Bastille night last Friday....

I am the one not in stripes - having chosen to step out in a little black number with a diamante beret on the side!!

What else can I say but a big merci to everyone who came along and made it such an amazing evening.... okay okay so we had to wait a little longer than anticipated for our table but hay there were 30 of us! And Le Bistrot staff more than looked after us once they got us seated!

I had a very proud moment when I realised this was our third Bastille celebration as a club, and how far we have come in the two and a half years since I started it. Big thankyou to Diana one of our members for her kind speech on the night, and also to Christophe who is always around with a helping hand!

So, when's the next one? Well next July 14th of course!! Save the date!!!

A la prochaine!


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