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Sharing Local Information

Hi Everyone

Just to let you know I am starting to put together an information folder for Le Club, which will also go on the website. The idea of this is so that people who come to Club can also access information of other events, groups etc in the area.

  • Perhaps you run a french U3A group or offer one-to-one tuition?

  • Maybe you run arts clubs or know of charity or other events in your community?

  • Or are you a member of other society which might be of interest to the ladies and gents in the group?

Anything that you think other people may be interested in, attending or joining in, just let me have details by email and I will pop it on my resource list. This may also help fill up smaller groups be they language-related or other interests, and the sharing of information and creating links helps the strengthen our community and share social/intellectual/creative activities.

Le Club Franglais continues to grow and I thank you all for your interest.

I am currently planning the next few months and if anyone has any suggestions or feedback [positive or negative I don't mind!] that would be great - or if you have any ideas to run past me, then please let me know.

Merci et a bientot


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