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Going Underground! Kents Cavern Trip 8th March

The Owner of Kents Cavern, as well as being a very interesting and amusing gentleman, is also fluent in French due to his connections with France. Many of you will know Nick, either through Le Club or from other sources.

Even if you have visited Kents Cavern before - our French Club tour is a little special. Why? Because it is exclusive to the group, and our tour guide is the big boss cave man himself!

See Kents Cavern like you have never seen it before. Love local history? Love speaking French? Then you are welcome to join us - even if you don't come to Le Club - this is for everyone - and their friends too! Just let me know if you are interested.

This will be our third Club visit to Kents - tous en francais! For those of you who came last year and/or the year before, you will know what an awesome afternoon it will be. Don't think just because you have been before there is no point in coming again! Every tour is different, and you will learn something new everytime. With a unique opportunity to ask your very own questions too - en francais ou en anglais - it's up to you!

Date: Wednesday 8th March Time: 2pm Price: £10.00 per person

Contact me if you would like to come. Merci

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