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Il y a 2 ans!

Two years ago this very weekend, Le Club Franglais est né! What started out as a tiny idea in my head, and a tweet to the Director of a new French restaurant that had just opened down the road from me, to where we are amazingly where we are today!

Many people asked me 'why did you start the Club?'

It is simple.... 'I was looking for a Club like this to go to myself.... it didn't exist, so I created it!' I kinda thought... well if I was looking for something like this - maybe other people were too!! How right I was.

Sometimes I am overwhelmed, even humble, at how successful this has been. We now have a monthly film Club too as well as other special and social events.

I made our website a couple of months ago, and one of our members has recently created our video too - this Club is going places... we might even be arranging our first Club vacance en France! - Watch this space!

But for now, I just want to thank everyone who believed in me to make this happen, and to all my lovely 'Franglais Family' who make it worth it!

And to those who told me a couple of years ago 'it'll never work'.... well it did!

Always always believe in yourself and your ideas.... you never know where they may lead!

Merci x

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